Chessboxing is a hybrid fighting sport that combines the two traditional sports, chess and boxing

This site will show you how chessboxing is conducted in Helsinki, Finland.


If you have any questions regarding our Club or have plans to become a member, in order to join our training sessions, please contact us via Facebook or by email.

How to become a chessboxer
The rules of chessboxing
International recognition
LCB interview - Gavin Paterson
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Pioneers of chessboxing

Despite all the raised global fuzz around chessboxing, nobody in Finland seemed to take the initiative to found an actual club, which would devote its existence to this awkwardly dualistic sport, until January of 2015, when a wild bunch of local chessboxing enthusiasts begun to train in order to gain some hands-on experience and to make some international contacts. This site will inform you in more detail of the backgrounds of the sport, how we train – and hopefully – convince you to join our Club.

Please don't hesitate to approach us with further questions.
- Kai Salminen, Chairman of the FCC association

FCC contacts

Suomen shakkinyrkkeilyklubi ry

c/o Savate Club, Helsinginkatu 2
00500 Helsinki, FINLAND



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